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Section 1 - Perpetual Care

The Corporation assumes responsibility for providing for perpetual care maintenance of the cemetery plus other requirements such as landscaping and general capital improvements. Funding for these activities is derived from assessments of lot owners, various fundraising activities such as raffles and auctions, and from private donations and contributions.

Section 2 - General Rules and Regulations

1.) A person designated by the board of directors shall be present at each grave opening to assure the openings are properly made within the confines of property owned by the deceased or relatives of the deceased.

2.) All graves shall be kept flat with no mounding and all surplus soil shall be removed from the Cemetery.

3.) All natural funeral flowers and floral arrangements relating to the funeral shall be removed from the grave site within seven (7) days. 

4.) No permanent shrubbery, flowers, or trees are to be planted on grave lots without the approval of the board of directors.

5.) Several types of masonry curbs or fences have previously been placed around family lots in the older part of the cemetery. Such existing structures are permitted, but any future structures must be approved by the board of directors. As existing masonry structures deteriorate, family members will be encouraged to remove them so that the site can be leveled and properly landscaped.

6.) All types of tombstones will be permitted so long as they are tasteful and reasonably aligned. However, in the newer section of the cemetery, ground-level markers that do not protrude above the grass are encouraged to permit proper mowing and easier maintenance.

7.) There is a maximum limit of 3 cremated remains urns per grave.

8.) There are to be no walls or borders erected around the grave.

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